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Featured programs in this segment:

Green Parliamentary Group

MPs from various parties dedicated to issues of environmental protection and sustainable development

SDGs for All

Platform enables a broad discussionon aligning Serbia’s development priorities within the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Green Chair

mechanism that allows for participation of NGOs in the work of the Committee on Environment of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

Program description:

In order to maintain and develop the entire planet and the most important values humankind depends on, we must address challenges presented by climate change and loss of biodiversity, which are affecting sustainable development and causing persistent, widespread poverty. On the level of policy, Serbia is addressing these global issues within the Chapter 27 (Environment) and Chapter 15 (Energy) of its negotiation process with the EU.

This is why BFPE became active in efforts to raise awareness and knowledge about energy efficiency, renewable sources of energy, green economy, to mobilize civic participation on these issues and to encourage a much better cooperation of all actors involved in the creation and implementation of a more responsible and comprehensive energy policy.

By building on earlier successes, together with the Centre for Modern Skills, BFPE will continue to perform as informal secretariat of the Green Parliamentary Group. Also, BFPE will implement activities within the circular economy project, in cooperation with GIZ IMPACT project.

In agreement with the European Movement in Serbia, BFPE will continue with the coordination of the Working Group 15 (dedicated to energy) of the National Convent for Serbia’s EU accession.

All programs in this segment:

BFPE offers comprehensive programs, adapted to the actual needs and challenges met at both local and national level of government, celebrating participant experiences while avoiding ex cathedra approach.

Regional school for political development

Program description Context: The regional school for political development is designed for young people from...

Increased engagement of local parliamentarians in 5 cities in Serbia in dealing with green policies

Serbia has been plagued by serious environmental problems for decades. According to the results of...

Towards new partnerships in the fight for clean air, a healthy environment and the protection of public health

SDGs for All

From My Town to My Country: How to Ensure Serbia’s Development?

Project objective is to bring together representatives of local communities in order to stimulate the debate on the recognition of local specificities and identities as well as the importance and role local communities play in the development of Serbia.

Investing in (Municipal) Resilience

With support of and in partnership with UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and the CIS, UNDP Serbia, and Public Investment Office (of the Govt. of Serbia), BFPE organized the conference "Investing in (Municipal) Resilience" on 23-24 November 2017.

Consultations with civil society of Serbia on UN MDGs (millenium development goals) of sustainable development post-2015

The United Nations in Serbia, in cooperation with the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence and SeConS, conducted national consultations, which helped define development priorities for the period after 2015 and became an integral part of the global UN report.

Working group “Energy” in the National Convention on the EU

Since 3 April 2015, BFPE has been coordinating the working group dedicated to chapter 15 of the negotiations - "Energy" - of the National Convention on the EU.

Youth is the New Green

We have hosted workshops and seminars with the aim to promote adaptation to climate change; reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases and improved management of water resources.

Green Chair

"Green Chair" is a mechanism that allows for participation of NGOs in the work of the Committee on Environment of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

Green Parliamentary Group

This informal group consists of delegates from various parties dedicated to issues of environmental protection and sustainable development, actively working on the promotion and acceptance of European standards and norms in this field.

PDI – Public Dialogue on Sustainable Use of Energy

We support the main objectives of environmental and energy policy of the EU by 2020, according to the "20:20:20" principle

Development of a Sustainable Biomass Market in Serbia

A series of round tables for decision makers on the topic of sustainable use of biomass.

Circular Economy

A new approach, integrating economy with a system for waste management.

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