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Featured programs in this segment:

Belgrade Dialogues

Policy makers in Serbia must be open to other people’s experiences, knowledge and skills;

Belgrade Security Forum (BSF)

A unique joint initiative of three civil society organizations

Balkan Dialogues

Tackling the most important foreign policy issues in the Western Balkans region.

Program description:

Our concern is that the whole region of the Western Balkans – or South East Europe – is under threat of becoming (or remaining) a periphery, weakened by numerous bilateral disputes, without any real possibility to have influence on the ongoing global events. In the context of new divisions, continuing economic uncertainty and raising popularity of populist and extreme political options we believe that need for such dialogue, which is permanent and open for different opinions, has never been greater.

In this endeavor, BFPE brings together men and women politicians, think-tankers, activists, and those people who make, implement, interpret and criticize decisions; confronts them with the circumstances of inaction; and seeks to move them away from the “comfort zone” in order to enforce the debate.

Our activities in this program area include design, preparation and implementation of the Belgrade Security Forum (BSF) as the most prestigious conference of that type “from Vienna to Istanbul”, which is celebrating its six edition this year; and Belgrade Dialogues, the platform for dialogue and cooperation between key stakeholders in Europe and Belgrade on various issues related to Serbia’s development. Also, by networking professionals, in an alternative approach to peacebuilding, we intend to provide more support to the ongoing dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

Activities mentioned above BFPE is implementing together with the European Movement in Serbia and the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (regarding BSF), and Forum Serbia Germany (regarding Belgrade Dialogues). The list of our partners in this program area starts from BSF’s strategic partners: the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, the Balkan Trust for Democracy, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the European Fund for the Balkans and Open Society Foundations (OSF); but it also includes a number of actors from Kosovo, namely Pristina Institute for Political Studies, Institute D4D, NGO Aktiv, and Community Building Mitrovica.

All programs in this segment:

BFPE offers comprehensive programs, adapted to the actual needs and challenges met at both local and national level of government, celebrating participant experiences while avoiding ex cathedra approach.


Europeanisation meets democracy from below: The Western Balkans on the search for new European and...

Western Balkans Futures

The countries of Western Balkans face multiple geopolitical, economic, humanitarian and social challenges. Although a slow but steady process of...

Local communities united against domestic violence

Program description BFPE is starting a new project with the support of The Canada Fund...

Dialogue for the Future

The Dialogue for the Future project was developed on the initiative and under the auspices of the BiH Presidency, implemented from 2014 to 2017, and contributed to the establishment of a digital platform and the holding of a series of youth forums across the country.

Balkan Dialogues

Balkan Dialogues are a project of the EastWest Institute implemented in partnership with the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence and with the support of the Balkan Trust for Democracy, which seeks to convene a series of high-level, discreet dialogues between experts from the European Union, the United States, Russia and China, as well as select participants representing the WB6 states.  The principal  goal of the Balkan Dialogues is to increase and deepen understanding and build trust between representatives of varying geopolitical interests present in the region today, and with nations of the Balkans, by providing a platform for discussion of those areas where competing interests or strategies could collide, and determining ways to mitigate and defuse tensions arising from this reality. 

Comparative analysis of Western Balkans and Visegrad countries’ approach towards China

The aim of the study is to make a comparative analysis of this impact, which, on the one hand, is accepted as welcomed and it is considered that the benefits that come with it should be fully utilised. On the other hand, it raises skepticism and certain issues and questions related to the real nature of these investments.

Balkans 360

Initiative of the German Marshall Fund Berlin office, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies with Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence as partner for the region of Western Balkans, supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy

For more women in decision-making positions

Focus on members of the women’s fora within parties, women representatives in the local parliaments and representatives of the local councils

Women of the Balkans for New Politics

To promote the importance of political participation of women in creating more just and inclusive societies, based on full respect and protection of human rights, and securing peace and stability in Western Balkans

Regional Policy Academy

Behind the concept of RPA is the idea that by applying the method of strategic forecasting to complex social problems (in Western Balkans) we can contribute to strengthening of cooperation and communication between the leaders of change and thinking in the region.

Women Parliamentary Network

Adoption of new laws and policies and monitoring the implementation of current legislation, particularly in the areas of women's health and family, preventing violence against women and children, economic empowerment, education and promotion of women's knowledge.

Women Leadership Academy

is created to support women active in public life.

Changing Minds: Trust through Innovation in Serbia and Kosovo

BFPE leads an initiative dedicated to establishing amicable and stable relations between various segments of Serbia and Kosovo societies.


European integration and local development - towards successful strategies and good governance (2008 - 2013)

Local Networking for Sustainable Development (LNSD)

Through local cooperation towards normalization and improvement of relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

Belgrade Dialogues

Policy makers in Serbia must be open to other people's experiences, knowledge and skills; willing to cooperate, to know to ask for advice, but also to be able to finally make decisions in accordance with standards of the EU and the best interest of their citizens.

Regional Academy for Democracy (RAD)

RAD aims to contribute to regional cooperation in the Western Balkans in the areas of democracy, human rights, justice and institution-building, capacity-building through a new generation of political leadership and facilitating their mutual understanding and cooperation.

Belgrade Security Forum (BSF)

"From Vienna to Istanbul", the most important security and foreign policy conference in this part of the world; joint initiative of three civil society organizations

Annual Seminar

Our most prestigious and oldest educational program in Serbia, attended by politicians, as well as leading individuals coming from public administration, civil society, media and business background.

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