Program areas

Program areas

Our programs are designed to improve the ability of key actors to – first – get involved, and then contribute to most important processes of integration, regional cooperation and exchange in our region and Europe.

This is why we are organizing the Annual Seminar, as the oldest and most prestigious program of its kind in Serbia; why we work each year on the next edition of the Belgrade Security Forum, being the most important conference dedicated to security and foreign affairs “from Vienna to Istanbul”; why we have created the format of Belgrade Dialogues, and started many debate on problems of foreign policy and development.

All these events serve to bring together and expand community of those who share the vision of developed, democratic Serbia, future member of the European Union; with elites which are responsible; a country at peace with its neighbors.

BFPE in numbers:

  • 1,400 alumni in Serbia
  • 240 of who have been through the program “Regions” in six geographic areas of Serbia
  • 150 from Western Balkans who took part in the Regional Academy for Democracy
  • 13 generations of participants in the Annual Seminar
  • 7 Belgrade Security Forums with over 3,500 participants and guests
  • 5 Belgrade Dialogues
  • 4 Women Leadership Academies that brought together 120 women politicians 
  • 50 organizations participating in the Green Chair mechanism, coordinated by BFPE together with its partners
  • over 40 organizations-members of the working group Energy, coordinated by BFPE in the National Convent on European Union
  • Green Parliamentary Group in 4 convocations of the National Assembly