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In the course of past three days in Sabac, together with our alumni, we have tested in practice the much coveted “reform compass” method for analyzing and planning reform processes. Our participants have covered three policies, or three complex social issues – one related to waste management; second, to integration of Serbian community in the North of Kosovo and third, implementation of the action plan related to the chapter 24 of Serbia’s EU accession process.

We are happy to say that the overall applicability of the method and its relevance in Serbia’s context was confirmed. We have also received numerous proposals on how to improve it, once implemented.

Materials produced will serve as the basis for writing three case studies, which BFPE will present in a special publication by September this year.

BFPE holds the rights for implementing the reform compass method in Serbia upon special agreement with Bertelsmann Foundation. This alumni event, organized within our annual seminar program was supported by the UK Embassy in Serbia.

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