Coming Up

Every year, BFPE organizes more than 50 events: conferences, round tables, panel discussions, workshops and simulations. Find out more.

Approach & Program

Our vision is: democratic and developed Serbia in Europe; our task: to provide decision makers with knowledge and insights necessary for their work.

For 15 years Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE) stands for democratization of Serbia and its integration to the family of European peoples. Political education of relevant social actors, linking decision makers with civil sector, hard work on environment protection, support to greater number of women in politics and social integration of vulnerable groups are just some of the areas in which BFPE has been active since its establishment in 2003.

BFPE’s vision is to bring, together with other civil society organisations, a broad and competent community of those who advocate for a developed Serbia in the European Union, which has a responsible social and political elite and is capable and willing to work with its neighbours for the benefit of the entire region.

Ideas & Policies

All of our program activities in one place; ideas; analysis; policy proposals; reports from conferences and events that we have organized.