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Our programs

The Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society (BFPE) actively implements programs with the aim of building capacities, skills and knowledge of various actors, encourages social dialogue, contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals and works to improve regional and multilateral cooperation in the context of European integration.

BFPE Leadership Program

We have adjusted the methods and contents of political education to the growing demands of the process of Serbia’s accession to the European Union, which is the dominant framework for the modernization of our society.

Platforms for discussion of foreign policy and challenges to security

We are concerned that the Western Balkans is at risk of becoming a periphery, weakened by numerous bilateral disputes, with no real possibility of influencing global developments. That is why we gather politicians, think-tankers, activists, face them with the consequences of inaction, and take them out of the “comfort zone” so we can find solutions together.

Climate, environment and energy policy

We raise the awareness of decision makers about energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and the green economy; we fight for greater citizen participation and encourage the cooperation of all those involved in the creation and implementation of a more responsible and comprehensive energy policy.

Western Balkans moving forward together

Together with our partners, we bring together decision-makers, calling upon them to act responsibly; we propose solutions to bilateral disputes in the wider region of Western Balkans and Southeast Europe; we help build good neighborly relations, as well as getting to know and understand the “other side” and its needs.

Social inclusion and local development

The BFPE has traditionally promoted the improvement of the unequal starting position of women, Roma, young people, as well as residents of underdeveloped areas. We see the opening of opportunities for equal participation of these groups in the political process and decision-making, in the labor market, as well as in educational institutions at all levels as a necessary condition for the consolidation of democracy and the creation of a truly responsible society.

Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society results in 2022


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Our distinguished programs

Balkan Dialogues

Experts from the EU, the USA, Russia and China on the one hand, and the Western Balkan "six" on the other, are talking with the aim of building trust and better understanding of various geopolitical interests present in our region.

ROMACTED II: “Promoting good governance and Roma empowerment at local level”

Programme aims at consolidating and expanding efforts to improve the integration of the Roma population in the local communities through increased participation in local policy-making and implementation of local action.

Sustainable Development for All

The “SDGs for All” is dedicated to the affirmation of the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the strategic documents of the United Nations (UN) and the creation of a platform for society-wide dialogue on sustainable development.

Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality & Trust

The two-year initiative aims at enhancing the role of youth in promoting increased comprehension and respect for diversity.

Annual Seminar

Our most prestigious and oldest educational program in Serbia, attended by politicians, as well as leading individuals coming from public administration, civil society, media and business background.

The Western Balkans on the search for new European and democratic Momentum

Our “WB2EU network” will activate, connect, research, disseminate and create joint output on the defined topics by bringing together academia, civil society and relevant stakeholders on national, regional and EU level. democratic practice.

Green Parliamentary Group

Informal Green Parliamentary Group was founded in November 2009 and has continued to renew its activities in all successive convocations of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy and Inclusive Political Dialogue

The project is the continuation of previous support to the elected assemblies in Serbia – the National Assembly and local assemblies. The project focuses on the following key interventions: political dialogue, transparency and gender equality.
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