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Five program areas of the BFPE's work

BFPE leadership program

We have adapted the methods and contents of political education to the growing demands of the EU accession process, which form the dominant framework for the modernization of our society.

Platforms for discussion of foreign policy and challenges to security

The BFPE brings together politicians, think-tankers, activists, confronts them with the consequences of inaction; seeks to take them out of the "comfort zone" to encourage debate that will lead to solutions.

Climate, the environment and energy policy

We raise awareness and knowledge about energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and green economy.

Western Balkans moving forward together

We bring together decision-makers, propose solutions to bilateral disputes in the wider Western Balkans and Southeast Europe, build good neighborly relations, help get to know and understand the "other side" better.

Social inclusion and local development

What concerns us is the risk of marginalization of everything that is local, whether it is development priorities, the state of democracy at the local level or the participation of citizens in political processes.

Most influential projects and initiatives

Belgrade Security Forum; Dialogue for the Future; Balkan Dialogues; Belgrade Dialogues; Regional Academy for Democracy; Women of the Balkans for New Politics; Women’s Leadership Academy; Green Parliamentary Group; Annual Seminar; Changing Minds, Regions… – are just some of our most influential formats over the past two decades.

Our Approach

Belgrade Security Forum

One of the most prestigious conferences “From Vienna to Istanbul”; a unique initiative of three civil society organizations.

Green Parliamentary Group

MPs from various parties dedicated to issues of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Annual Seminar

Our oldest and most prestigious educational program.

Active Citizens – Better Society: Advocating for Cooperation and Democratic Development

Strengthening a democratic society in Serbia, based on a culture of participation in the political process and consistent democratic practice.

ROMACTED II: “Promoting Good Governance And Roma Empowerment At Local Level”

Consolidating and expanding efforts to improve the integration of the Roma population in the local communities.

Balkan Dialogues

Tackling the most important foreign policy issues in the Western Balkans region.

Program area:

BFPE leadership program

The need to further develop the capacities of the holders of political power in Serbia has never been greater.

In order to meet ever-increasing requests arising from the accession process to the European Union, being the dominant framework for the modernization of our society, it has become necessary to further improve and adapt political education programs.

Our intention is to offer a comprehensive program that is adapted to the actual needs and challenges met at both local and national level of government, while appreciating the experiences of our alumni and avoiding ex cathedra approach.

Program area:

Platforms for discussion of foreign policy and challenges to security

Our concern is that the whole region of the Western Balkans – or Southeast Europe – is under threat of becoming (or remaining) a periphery, weakened by numerous bilateral disputes, without any real possibility to have an influence on the ongoing global events.

In the context of new divisions, continuing economic uncertainty, and the raising popularity of populist and extreme political options we believe that the need for such dialogue, which is permanent and open for different opinions, has never been greater.

In this endeavor, BFPE brings together men and women politicians, think-tankers, activists, and those people who make, implement, interpret and criticize decisions; confronts them with the circumstances of inaction, and seeks to move them away from the “comfort zone” in order to enforce the debate.

Program area:

Climate, environment and energy policy

In order to maintain and develop the entire planet and the most important values humankind depends on, we must address challenges presented by climate change and loss of biodiversity, which are affecting sustainable development and causing persistent, widespread poverty. On the level of policy, Serbia is addressing these global issues within Chapter 27 (Environment) and Chapter 15 (Energy) of its negotiation process with the EU.

This is why BFPE became active in efforts to raise awareness and knowledge about energy efficiency, renewable sources of energy, green economy, to mobilize civic participation on these issues and to encourage much better cooperation of all actors involved in the creation and implementation of a more responsible and comprehensive energy policy.

Program area:

Western Balkans moving forward together

Together with partners, we bring together decision makers, who we call for responsible behavior; propose solutions to bilateral disputes in the wider Western Balkans and Southeast Europe; we build good neighborly relations; we help to get to know and understand the “other side” and its needs better.

Program area:

Social inclusion and local development

Discrimination lines are multiple and when it comes to decision-making, groups in one society do not necessarily need to be a minority in order to feel threatened or discriminated against. We are witnessing a situation in which citizens representing large parts of society, the majority even, face problems when trying to access decision-making processes.

We also worry about the marginalization of all things local, be it priorities for development, or state of (local) democracy and political participation, especially when placed against the context of European integration and expectations set upon the actors of local self-government.

Therefore, BFPE traditionally promotes the improvement of the position of women, Roma, youth, as well as residents of underdeveloped areas.

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