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Development of a Sustainable Biomass Market in Serbia

Program description

A series of round tables for decision makers on the topic of sustainable use of biomass.

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Program description

As a member of the Energy Community and a country firmly resolved to join the EU, Serbia has undertaken a series of obligations in the field of energy that need to be met in the upcoming years. One of these obligations relates to the increase of energy obtained from sustainable sources. Many research and studies performed last years show that Serbia has great, yet untapped potential in agricultural and forest biomass.

By switching to biomass, not only that great savings could be achieved in the consumption of coal and other conventional fuels, but also carbon dioxide emissions, sulfur and other harmful substances, as well as the amount of ash that has been disposed of at the landfill, which would contribute to the improvement of state of the environment could be reduced. At the same time, the use of biomass would allow for the creation of new jobs and contribute to the development of rural areas in particular.

Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE) with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) will organize a series of roundtables for decision-makers on sustainable use of biomass. The objective of these roundtables is to establish a constructive dialogue between relevant political actors, decision makers, both the national and local level, with relevant experts in this field and other interested economic parties.

Biomass has a very wide range of applications, but its use should always be considered from the aspect of sustainability – including internal economic, environmental and social dimensions. Therefore, each roundtable will have a specific focus tailored to meet challenges on the local level.

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