Circular Economy

A new approach, integrating economy with a system for waste management.

Environment protection

Circular Economy

Circular economy is a new approach that integrates the economy and the system of waste management. The current economic model of most (if not all) countries and companies involves the use of our planet’s resources to produce as many products of which the largest part, unfortunately, end up as waste. In the case of Serbia – waste dumps. This concept of using and use resources in a theory called linear. To say that this is unsustainable in terms of the environment is not enough; it is an approach that is economically inefficient as well.

Circular economy may be the answer to the growing needs of humanity with respect for the limits of our planet: hence, sustainable development at its best.

The concept is designed to lead the reconstruction of ecosystems, with a large number of innovations and a significant influence on the habits of society as a whole.


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