Communicating NATO-Serbia Cooperation

A More Secure Region through Meaningful Partnership: Serbia-NATO Cooperation, Communicated Anew

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Communicating NATO-Serbia Cooperation

BFPE continues to work in local communities of Serbia. In the following period we will implement project, which will focus on Serbia-NATO cooperation, but also on the complex interplay of security, political stability, economy, protection of environment, investment and development, public safety and general well being of citizens.

BFPE will try to bring to the table representatives of local governments, local businesses, universities and faculties, local media and local associations, mid-career politicians, MPs, party officials, and representatives of the public administrations, media, civil society, judiciary and business. In order to do this, BFPE will organize 5 local debates in Kruševac, Kragujevac, Užice, Novi Pazar and Novi Sad, addressing Serbia-NATO cooperation for development and security, responsible defense and security policy-making. Also, Serbia-NATO cooperation will be addressed at the third session of our Annual Seminar now traditionally dedicated to foreign policy and security.

We will try to address some of the following questions: how military reform/transformation affects a local community; how can Serbia’s cooperation with the EU/NATO and within EU/NATO structures contribute to the development of its defense industry by creating new opportunities for companies active in the security-economy area; what opportunities lie in the field of scientific cooperation with Serbia’s leading universities.

This project is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Belgrade.

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