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For more women in decision-making positions

Program description

Focus on members of the women’s fora within parties, women representatives in the local parliaments and representatives of the local councils

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Program description

BFPE is starting a new project in cooperation with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands. The project will focus on women politicians in local communities, and will be carried out in 8 of Serbia’s municipalities that will be selected within the first project activity.

Since development of a society isn’t possible without respecting gender equality, the main goal of the project is to contribute to equal decision-making of women and men in public and political life.

Even though in last several years the number of women in politics is rising, it is still unsatisfactory. Number of women in key political parties’ bodies is still low, as is the case with women in executive branches of power – mayors/presidents of municipalities, ministers, state secretaries, etc. The project will primarily deal with low participation of women in decision-making positions at the local level, and will especially include members of the women’s fora within various parties, women representatives in the local parliaments and representatives of the local councils.

This project will develop understanding in local political parties that grater inclusion of women serves their interest as well. Also, women who are political engaged at the local level will be encouraged to fight more vigorously for better positions within their respective parties as women in their parties’ national headquarters do. Finally, the project will foster inclusion and participation of women in formulating and implementing local sectorial policies through equal participation in selected municipal councils.

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