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Active Citizens – Better Society: Advocating for Cooperation and Democratic Development

Program description

The stability of democratic institutions and the rule of law is unthinkable without the active participation of civil society and citizens in public policy-making, problem solving, recognition and realisation of the potential that is necessary for progress of a community. Advocacy plays a key role in strengthening democratic processes and moving towards a democratic society based on a culture of citizen participation.

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Events in this program

Yearly, BFPE realizes more than fifty various events: conferences, round tables, panel discussions, consultancy, workshops and simulations.

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Analysis and Publications

All our analysis in a single place: analysis; policy proposals; analytical reports from our events.

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Program description

Name of the project: Active citizens – better society: Advocating for Cooperation and Democratic Development

Project goal: Project aims to contribute to strengthening the democratic society in Serbia based on the culture of citizen participation in political processes, as well as consistent respect for democratic principles. The project seeks to: improve public advocacy practices in civil society in Serbia, increase citizens’ support for the activities of civil society organizations, improve the process of decision-making and development of public policies, improve understanding of the advocacy role of civil society organizations among citizens, media and decision-makers, and improve cooperation and better connecting the public, civil and private sectors in Serbia.

Target groups: Civil society organizations, business community.

Methodology: The project has several components: In the period 2019-2023, during the four cycles, more than 60 civil society organizations in Serbia were supported, and the program included two types of support: project (which includes financial support for public advocacy projects and capacity building of partner organizations) and programme (intended for civil society organizations that already have public advocacy campaigns and/or have advocacy programs within the organization’s portfolio). Together with project partners, BFPE organizes discussions, seminars, and trainings relevant to the topics of public advocacy. At the end of each project year, the “Changemakers” prize is awarded as a recognition of civil society organizations and informal groups that are trying to make their communities a better place. In the last phase of the project, the focus is on better connecting and improving cooperation between the public, civil and private sectors in Serbia.

Project duration: 19 November 2018 – 18 May 2023

Partners: Belgrade Open School (BOS) and Balkan Investigative Report Network (BIRN) Serbia

Donors: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)



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