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As part of the Active citizens – better society project, on October 5, 2022, the event “Economic beauty of the city of Pirot: how to use the potential of the city?” will be organized in Pirot, during which the sustainable local development of the city of Pirot will be discussed.

The event was designed with the aim of promoting and presenting selected projects, competitions and programs that contribute to the sustainable economic development of this local self-government. Additionally, the event will have space for interactive communication between participants and the audience.

To what extent is multisectoral cooperation important for the development of the economy in periods of crisis? Are small and medium-sized enterprises the engine of development of Pirot’s economy? How do civil society organizations (CSOs) deal with local socio-economic development and improvement of the position of marginalized social groups? Can and in what way can Pirot once again become the center of the processing industry of dairy products, leather, wool, wood and the clothing industry? These are some of the questions we will discuss during the event and try to answer them.

The Active Citizens – Better Society project is implemented by the BFPE Foundation for a Responsible Society in cooperation with the Balkan Research Network (BIRN) and the Belgrade Open School (BOŠ). The project is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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