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The final event of the project “Active citizens – a better society” called “All faces of activism” will be held on Thursday, April 6 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in Dorćol Platz.

During the five years of the project, we had initiatives in 32 cities in Serbia, the most active of which were Belgrade, Novi Sad, Užice, Niš, Pirot, and Kragujevac. Still, we should also highlight smaller areas where such activities are of great importance, such as Kuršumlija, Babusnica, Priboj, Ćićevac, Apatina, Dimitrovgrad, Požega, Lajkovac, Despotovac.

Through the partnerships of 31 organizations with representatives of the civil sector, 25 organizations with representatives of the business sector, and 23 organizations with representatives of public authorities, significant steps have been taken towards establishing long-term cooperation in the areas of improvement and protection of human rights, environmental protection, local community development, and social protection.

At the final event, the audience can watch movies about some of the most impressive initiatives and listen to their experiences. The event will be accompanied by a display of photographs that capture the key moments of the organization’s activities.

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