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The Foundation BFPE  for a Responsible Society will hold a conference on October 5th to commemorate 20 years of existence and work under the theme “20 years dedicated to the culture of dialogue.”

For 20 years, the  Foundation BFPE has been consistently working to promote dialogue in Serbia, and on this occasion, we will gather our alumni, partners, and friends to collectively emphasize the importance of dialogue on the path to a responsible and cohesive society.

The Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society aims to mark 20 years of continuous efforts towards creating a democratic, developed, and European Serbia in this way. To promote and connect leaders, since 2003, BFPE has been striving to bring together those who make, implement, interpret, and criticize decisions, confront them with the consequences of inaction, and push them out of their comfort zones to encourage debates that will lead to solutions.

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