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Read the conclusions of the 5th Belgrade Security Forum

The organizers of the BSF: Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE), European Movement of Serbia (EMINS) and Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) issue the following conclusions:

  • More Europe in International Arena

The future of Europe is linked to the future of the European Union. In a more inter-connected and complex world, the European model and norms are increasingly challenged by the competition of big powers in its wider neighborhood (the post-Soviet space and the Middle East and North Africa), as well as the erosion of solidarity within the EU. A reactive response to these challenges inhibits the EU’s ability to maintain its basic values within its own space and act as model for a security community in the world.

The EU needs to agree on common vision of rule-based international order within and with the EU’s engagement in major global crisis resolution and challenges. The EU is the only actor that can facilitate consensual multilateral solutions and bridge widening geopolitical divides. The Trans-Atlantic partnership needs to be re-confirmed through more burden-sharing by the U.S. in resolution of refugee crisis and more active involvement of the EU outside its neighborhood.

The answer to all challenges of credibility of the EU is more Europe.

  • More Responsible Balkans in Europe

More Europe cannot be realized without the inclusion of the Balkans in its ranks through a responsible and predictable Enlargement Policy.

For the Balkans to survive ongoing crises, the Balkan political elites and civil society need to find a common approach and then make part of the European solutions. First, we call upon Serbian and other Balkan governments to resolve bilateral disputes in a constructive and speedy way instead of undermining each other’s efforts. The Berlin process is a welcome contribution to the long-term development of the region. It needs to be materialized through short-term and concrete efforts by the EU and the Balkan countries that will provide visible results that enhance lives of citizens.  We also call Balkan countries to prepare to extend the solidarity demonstrated toward refugees and migrants to a long-term commitment to respect human rights of everyone regardless of where they are coming from, including their most vulnerable citizens. A more responsible engagement by Balkan countries within the region will open the door to the Balkans becoming part of European comprehensive response.

BSF gathered over a hundred discussants10 young scholars and 600 domestic and foreign senior officials from European countries and the world, as well as representatives of the European Union, NATO, OSCE, German Marshall Fund, renowned scientific and research institutes, parliamentarians, civil society, and journalists.

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