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The informal Green group of MPs in the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, whose work is assisted by the Center for Modern Skills and the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, meet for the third time on Wednesday, 2 April.

Upon the completion of the current coordinator and deputy coordinator’s term, new coordinator was elected. The newly elected coordinator Maja Sedlarevic stated how the activities of the Group will intensify in the upcoming period, and that citizens can expect closer cooperation in the area of environmental protection. She emphasized that the Group will work on addressing environmental concerns as well as developing cooperation with similar organizations in country and abroad.

Professor Miodrag Dimitrijević from the Department of Genetics and Plant Cultivation of the Agricultural Faculty in Novi Sad talked with MPs on consequences of growing GMO. In his presentation he explained what is considered GMO, how are these organisms produced and what might be the economic consequences in growing and trading GMO.

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