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How to reverse negative trends? Benetton’s famed campaign.

Today a seminar gathering alumni from all the Schools of Political Studies (SPS) will begin in the Council of Europe.

Holding an annual meeting of alumni is an essential part of the strategy to build a viable alumni community. Political and civic leaders who have participated in the Schools’ program represent a vast potential which could play a key role in promoting the Council of Europe’s acquis and values in alumni’s respective countries.

By bringing together alumni who have reached high-level positions, from different Schools and different years, alumni meetings will provide an opportunity for meaningful exchanges and networking, thereby building a strong alumni Network.

The Alumni seminars will address key democratic challenges which Europe is facing today and examine the role and responsibilities of young public leaders in addressing them. The overall two topic to be discussed at the first Alumni Seminar are: “The marginalization of today’s young generation: Is the pact between the generations broken?” and “Can young people bring about an agreed set of common values for the future?”

The Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence alumni taking part in this seminar are Ms. Hedvig Morvai, Executive Director of the European Fund for the Balkans and Ms. Mirjana Sakic, EU Office Coordinator at the Erste Bank.

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