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Four scenarios for the future

Soon in Brussels we will present four scenarios, which are the result of workshops that were led following the methodology of strategic foresight in which the authors – working in state administrations, think-tanks along with career politicians representing all of the six Western Balkans societies – tried to imagine how will the cooperation between young people look like in 2020.

Scenarios were developed in relation to two determining factors – further integration/disintegration of the European Union itself and political stability (existing/non existing) in the region of Western Balkans. As you shall see, some of the findings our participants came to are quite interesting.

The four scenarios are:

  1. „IT Enlightment“ – caused by rapid advance of new technologies, being the source of employment and profit;
  2. „Waking up from the groundhog day“ – region’s newfound stability is followed by further integration into the EU;
  3. „Relapse“ – back to instability and uncertainty;
  4. „Left at the altar“ – Western Balkans left to its own devices as EU continues towards deeper integration.

Scenario development was enabled within the project Regional Public Policy Academy, supported by the Swiss Confederation Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (Embassy to Serbia and Montenegro) and the European Fund for the Balkans. 

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