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Working group ”Women and Environment”, organized in cooperation with the informal Green Parliamentary Group brought together women parliamentarians interested in environmental issues, as well as the role of women in this complex but very important issue for Serbia. The aim of the panel was to present the concept of ecofeminism, connection between women and nature, and the green economy as an opportunity for economic empowerment of women.

Panel conclusions:

  • once again, the  panel discussion showed  that this is very important topic and it must has higher visibility in the public, primarily in order to change the current paradigm according to witch environmental issues are generally observed as a cost rather than as an opportunity for development new green jobs
  • green jobs are recognized as an opportunity for economic empowerment of women and greater involvement in social an political flows
  • women members of the local self-governments can and should be greater support for the green women entrepreneurship initiatives  at the local level through the public policies
  • it is necessary to provide incentives at the local level, as well as trainings for writing projects and development of women entrepreneurship and improvement of environmental protection through CSOs that already have experience in this area
  • it is emphasized that green topics have a future in transition towards the  green economy and it is important to monitor and promote gender equality, because today women are underrepresented in the green economy (80% are men).

T​his activity was realized with the support of the United Nations Development Programme Office (UNDP) for the work of informal Green Parliamentary Group which is financed by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF).

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