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Closed round table discussion

BFPE, with the support of CIPE – Center for International Private Enterprise,

implements a project aimed at mapping relevant actors from China, with a focus on Chinese companies and political actors present in Serbia in strategically important sectors such as infrastructure, energy, telecommunications.

The goal of the project is to examine and define the impact that Chinese actors have on the Serbian economy in a broader sense, but also on specific economic entities in Serbia, such as small and medium enterprises, through mapping of actors and sectors.

The aim of the round table is to present to the decision makers the conclusions and recommendations reached after the workshops with representatives of the civil sector, activists, local communities, business, as well as after a panel held at the Belgrade Security Forum.

The round table will be organized in accordance with the Chatham House rules and the conclusions and messages from the meeting will be communicated without mentioning the names of the participants.

After presenting the conclusions and recommendations, participants will have the opportunity to discuss with decision makers what steps should be taken in the future to ensure that the presence of Chinese companies in Serbia brings concrete benefits to Serbian companies, small and medium enterprises and the local community.

Conclusions and recommendations will be summarized in a separate publication.

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