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Within the first panel of the local debate, we will present the project “From My Town to My Country”, its goal and activities carried out so far. Representative of local self-government will follow by presenting the activities carried out by the local self-government in order to lay the foundations for a long-term development of the City of Pirot, including obstacles and development potentials.

The second panel of the local debate will be dedicated to discussing socio-economic aspects of the development of the city of Pirot, identified with the help of questionnaires and research conducted by Pirgos and BFPE. The aim of this panel is to identify the starting, real, potential for development, but also the biggest challenges standing in the way; such as depopulation of the local community, lack of adequate workforce, poor infrastructure, the relationship between the urban part of the local community and the rural areas.

The third panel of the local debate will be dedicated to the development priorities of the city of Pirot in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the field of environmental protection and energy. The aim of this panel is to make a comprehensive contribution to the development direction 2. “Development of infrastructure and environmental protection” within the Draft Development Plan of the City of Pirot.

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