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On protecting whistleblowers: Western Balkans Anti-Corruption Forum

Whistle Zvizdaljka

On protecting whistleblowers: Western Balkans Anti-Corruption Forum

March 29, 2017 11:00 am | March 29, 2017 12:30 am

Hotel "Zira"
Belgrade, Serbia

Ruzveltova 35, Belgrade

Dear colleagues,

we invite you to attend the expert round table dedicated to the protection of whistleblowers, organized within the framework of the “Anti-corruption forum of  Western Balkans“, together with our partners from the European Academy of Diplomacy.

It’s been two years since the adoption of the Law on protection of whistleblowers, and available figures show how in practice, only a small number of cases exist where individuals of integrity have tried – and succeeded – to alert authorities, or the public.

Was any breakthrough in practice recorded, in relation to the time before the law? Were whistleblowers encouraged to report illegal actions?

Our interlocutor will be Nemanja Nenadic, Program Director of Transparency Serbia. Representatives of Serbia’s Ministry of Justice, body in charge for the application of the law, were invited as well.

Presence can be confirmed by telephone, 011 30 36 520; or e-mail, [email protected].

Best regards,

BFPE team

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