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As part of the ROMACTED program: “Promoting good governance and empowering Roma at the local level” in Belgrade on July 6, 2022, in Dorćol Platz, there will be a limited workshop “Antigypsyism and overcoming the narrative of hate speech”. The workshop is part of the campaign “Block Hate, Share Love!”, which the European Union and the Council of Europe are implementing against hate speech in the Western Balkans.

Marina Vasić, regional manager of the ROMACTED program at the Council of Europe, and Ninoslav Mladenović, senior project officer at the Council of Europe, will speak in the opening address. After that, the workshop will be held by trainer Marina Simeunović.

The first part of the workshop refers to the understanding of the term antigypsyism itself – from conceptualization and recognition to action. While the second part of the workshop will be focused on overcoming hate speech, where hate speech itself will be defined, but also alternative and counter narratives will be presented.

Finally, a practical exercise will be organized in working groups in cities and municipalities. Each group will have the task of devising a counter-narrative or action against hate speech. This will be followed by the presentation of designed tasks and awarding of prizes.

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