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The first seminar intended for the BFPE’s alumni is complete. They had the opportunity to discuss the topic of Culture of memory in the region.

Although the topics of culture of memory and reconciliation have been extensively discussed, we feel there is still space for dialogue on issues such as dealing with the past, the role and significance of history in the process of reconciliation, collective memory, cultural and national identity, role of the media in maintaining memories, possibilities of reconciliation in the region, and others that are related.

The culture of memory is necessary for the reconciliation process. One of the conclusions of this seminar is that we have to work continuously on developing the space for cooperation and co-existence in the region. Since reconciliation is a long-term process, it is extremely important to organize more seminars like this one in order to open a new topics that can lead us to possible solutions.

We started and finished the seminar with following key message: „What have I done and what can I do regarding the topic of facing the past and reconciliation process?”

Our guests-presenters this time were Ivan Ivanji; Jelena Volić-Hellbusch; dear friends from three of our sister organizations in the region Boris Raonic, Mile Aleksoski and Tihomir Ponos; Milivoje Mihajlovic and Naim Rashiti; representative of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies (supporting the Annual Seminar program) Dimitar Lilkov and Director of French Institute in Belgrade Jean Baptiste Cuzin.

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