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Acting upon the invitation from Geneva DCAF, BFPE has implemented a workshop following the reform compass methodology, concerned with meeting chapter 24 criteria in two separate cases of accession to the EU: Slovenia and Croatia. Workshop was organized on the second day of expert discussions with MPs and advisors working in and with different committees of Serbia’s National Assembly.

Participants – among whom were ten MPs and ten advisors and staffers of the Parliament – were introduced to cases by renowned experts: previously chief negotiator for chapter 24 and Croatia’s Assistant Minister of Interior Filip Dragović, and Assistant Head of Police in Slovenia’s Ministry of Interior Marko GašperlinMarko Savković and Bogdan Urošević followed by application of the reform compass methodology, which BFPE has been implementing since 2014 as an advisory and educational tool, in agreement with Bertelsmann Foundation.

Introduction to chapter 24, Sonja Stojanović-Gajić from Belgrade Centre for Security Policy

On the first day of expert discussions, representatives of coalition of organizations PrEUgovor – advocating greater transparency and inclusiveness of of chapters 23 and 24 of negotiations of Serbia’s accession to the European Union – presented their work to participants, along with reasons why they can always count on civil society’s capacities to monitor and contribute to the on-going negotiations.

BFPE expresses gratitude for being able to apply an innovative methodology on two complex cases, both as a tool for learning and analysis in the wider framework of supporting Serbia’s National Assembly as an actor in processes related to European integration.

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