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The FemPlatz Association of Citizens and over 70 partner organizations, networks and individuals are demanding an urgent response and prevention of femicide in Serbia.

In the period from March 21 until today, we learned from the media that four women were killed. According to media reports, a woman was killed by a neighbour in Zajecar the day before yesterday after several years of constant harassment, which she reported to the authorities several times. A woman from Vranje died at the hospital after her husband stabbed her, and two women from Belgrade and Smederevska Palanka were killed by their sons.1 During the same period, the media reported at least seven attempts at femicide and violence against women. While all this is happening, the institutions responsible for preventing and combating violence against women are not reacting or addressing the disturbed public.

It is especially worrying that in the mentioned cases, even after the report of violence, the competent institutions did not ensure the protection and safety of these women. A large number of murders of women were not prevented due to the lack of timely and efficient reaction of the institutions of the system, from untimely reaction to reports of violence, to reduction of danger and failure to consider the risk of endangering the safety of the victim.

Despite numerous recommendations from international human rights bodies and women’s NGOs, there are still no publicly available statistics on the prevalence of femicide in Serbia. On the other hand, the use of currently available protection mechanisms in an adequate and consistent manner would significantly improve the protection of women from violence and prevent a large number of femicides. The lack of effective prevention of femicide, as the most extreme manifestation of violence, sends a message every day to women that their lives are less valuable.

We demand from the institutions responsible for the prevention and protection of women from violence to urgently react to the latest cases of femicide, investigate and explain to the public possible omissions and lack of effective response to previous reports of violence and state precise steps for further prevention of femicide. Obligations, standards, and plans to prevent gender-based violence against women and prevent femicide exist, but effective action is needed, not declarative commitment.

Almost any femicide could have been prevented. And every institution has a responsibility and obligation to work on the prevention of femicide.

The request is signed by:

1. FemPlatz Citizens’ Association

2. Academy of Women’s Leadership

3. Alternative centre for girls

4. Athens

5. Belgrade Center for Human Rights

6. Bibija Roma Women’s Center


8. Center of modern skills

9. Vrdničak Center

10. Center for Biopolitical Education

11. Center for Cultural Decontamination

12. Center for Cultural Decontamination

13. Women’s Support Center

14. Center for the Rights of the Child

15. Center for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities

16. Center for Women’s Studies

17. To be known!

18. Feminist Initiative Against Sexual Violence I Believe You


20. Foundation BFPE for Responsible Society

21. Women’s Forum Prijepolje

22. Gender knowledge hub

23. Civic Initiatives

24. IAN International Aid Network

25. Impulse Tutin

26. Economic and Social Rights Initiative – A11

27. MDRI-S Initiative for the Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities

28. From the Kragujevac circle

29. From the circle of Vojvodina

30. TIRV Wave Collective

31. Labris – an organization for lesbian human rights

32. Moms are the law

33. SOS Vojvodina Network

34. Network of Women Against Violence

35. Informal group Spaces

36. Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia

37. NGO Astra


39. Youth Center Black House 13

39. Rime Zaječar

41. Roma Daje

42. Roma Women’s Network of the Republic of Serbia

43. Counseling for the fight against domestic violence

44. The power of Amity’s friendship

45. SOS Women’s Center

46. ​​Team of the Society for the Development of Creativity from Aleksinac

47. Association ALTERO – Association for personal training, education, development and empowerment


49. Association of Roma Women Osvit

50. Peščanik Women’s Association

51. UG Libero

52. Uzice Center for the Rights of the Child

53. Victimology Society of Serbia

54. YUCOM – Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights

55. YUROM Center

56. Women of the south of Pirot

57. Women’s Platform for Development of Serbia

58. Women’s solidarity

59. Women’s Center Uzice

60. Women’s Research Center for Education and Communication

61. Women’s Association of the Kolubara District


1. Aleksandra Galonja 

2. Ana Isaković 

3. Biljana Maletin 

4. Dr Margareta Bašaragin 

5. Jelena Jaćimović 

6. Ksenija Forca 

7. Ljiljana Stevković 

8. Ljupka Mihajlovska 

9. Marina Pančić 

10. Melanija Lojpur 

11. Olivera Ilkić 

12. Tatjana Macura 

13. Vera Kurtić 

14. Zorica Rašković

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