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The article was originally published on the website of the Faculty of Political Sciences.

The lecture on “War in Ukraine and global consequences” by the director of LSE Ideas, professor Christopher Coker, was held at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade.

The opening speech was given by Ms. Sonja Licht, the president of the Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society, who welcomed Mr Coker and reflected on 20 years of successful work of the BFPE Foundation.

Dr. Slobodan G. Marković, also welcomed the participants, on behalf of the Center for British Studies at the Faculty of Political sciences,  and introduced Professor Christopher Coker to the students.

One of the main conclusions of the Professor Christopher Coker’s lecture was that one of the main drivers of the conflict taking place between Ukraine and Russia is a misinterpretation of history and a misunderstanding of the current political circumstances. He also emphasized that the mistrust that reigns between Russia and Western Europe is a significant aspect. “This war influenced the formation of different positions of countries at the global level, some of them imposing sanctions against Russia, while India, to the surprise of the West, took a different position. One of the few countries that can take advantage of the current situation is China, because it is of indisputable importance for both sides in this conflict,” said Prof. Cocker.

The lecture was organized by Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society and the Center for British Studies, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade.

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