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Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society in partnership with Balkan Policy Research Group, organised a roundtable Securing the European Future of the Western Balkans: Enabling Positive Peace on May 12th in Pristina. The conference was organised within the Balkan Dialogues Initiative. This roundtable successfully served as a platform for engaging dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders from the Western Balkans, the European Union, and the United States. It aimed to address pressing issues related to geopolitical interests, security, and energy, with the goal of deepening understanding, fostering trust, and identifying strategies to advance regional cooperation and European integration.

The conference was structured into three panels, each focusing on key issues necessary for the region’s progress and stability. The first Panel discussed the achievements made in recent years through the agreements between Kosovo and Serbia and the role of the international community. The second Panel emphasized the European Union’s role in supporting the integration process, enhancing security, promoting regional cooperation, and strengthening partnerships. The third Panel highlighted the significance of energy security for the region’s development, focusing on the challenges and opportunities in achieving a sustainable and secure energy sector through diversification, regional cooperation, and integration into the European energy market.

The discussions held during the conference provided valuable insights and strategies for advancing the Western Balkans’ path toward peace, stability, and economic prosperity.

The support provided by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina and the Open Society Foundations further emphasized the commitment of international partners to progress and development in the Western Balkans.

As the region continues its journey towards European integration, initiatives like the Balkan Dialogues play a crucial role in shaping a stable, prosperous, and harmonious future for the Western Balkans.

Consisting of decision-makers and experts from the six countries of the Western Balkans (WB6), together with the European Union and the United States – the dialogues are designed to help increase and deepen understanding, while building trust between representatives of the various geopolitical interests present in the Region today .

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