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On Tuesday, October 12th, a local debate was held in Šabac on the project “From My Town to My Country – How to Ensure Serbia’s Development?”, organized by the BFPE, with the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The local debate gathered representatives of local self-government, civil society organizations, representatives of small and medium enterprises, representatives from educational institutions, and representatives of social institutions.

The debate included three parts. The first part referred to the introductory words and addresses of the president of the local Parliament, Nemanja Pajić, Aleksandar Prica, president of the Association DUGA and Sonja Licht, the president of Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society. The second part – Development potentials of the city of Šabac, ie, presentation of socio-economic aspects of the city development and examples of good practice in the social and economic aspect of everyday life in the city. In the third part – Challenges and integrated services of system of Social Protection, a representative of local self-government, representative of Center for Social Work and a representative of the civil sector, as well as prominent members of the community present at the panel social protection system in the city and its way of functioning.

Participants in the debate cited various brands by which Šabac is recognized, but agreed that Šabac should be recognized as a city of sports and a city that is an example of good practice when it comes to the social protection system. Representatives of the Center for Social Work praised the work of the local self-government, which has been dedicated to maintaining the social protection system for years, but also to improving the system itself.

Šabac is a city with a majority of the elderly population, especially in rural areas, which in many cases needs adequate care. The situation in the local self-government encouraged the adoption of the Public Health Strategy in 2011, which made Šabac the first city in Serbia to adopt such a document.

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