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On 23-25 February 2024, the third module of the second cycle of the seminar series was organized in Šabac as part of the project “Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality & Trust.” This initiative brought together young leaders from across Serbia to deepen their understanding of key aspects of social cohesion.

During the three-day event, participants actively engaged in interactive workshops, debates, and lectures focused on improving teamwork and developing a culture in the community and society. They also worked on refining their initiatives.

A workshop on the topic “Culture as a Proposal for Social Cohesion and Inclusion” was conducted by Vladimir Pajić from the Movement of Free Citizens.

The importance of and ways of enhancing teamwork were discussed with Goran Gonđa from the organization “New Lobby.”

Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and engage with BFPE alumni, including Katarina Ejdus, the owner of the social enterprise “Women on the Way,” and Đorđe Cvijović from the Regional Youth Coordination Office (RYCO).

The second group of participants in the seminar series successfully completed the program. To close the event a certificate award ceremony served as an opportunity to recognize and commend each individual for their dedication, enthusiasm, and outstanding contributions to the project.
The project “Youth for Inclusion, Equality & Trust” is supported by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund. Through collaboration with UNDP, UNFPA, UNESCO, and UN Women, such events become a crucial mechanism for encouraging young leaders to take an active role in shaping the future of the region by building sustainable communities based on inclusion, equality, and trust.

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