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On Wednesday, July 28th, the Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society and the local office of the Council of Europe in Belgrade organized a meeting with selected facilitators for the second phase of the ROMACTED program.

The meeting was also attended by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Stevan Gligorin, who reminded facilitators that Ministry has been dedicated to providing assistance to the Roma community and other marginalized categories of the population since February.

On behalf of Ministry, Gligorin also expressed his support for the ROMACTED program and called on the participants in the program to support further actions of the Ministry in the fight against Covid-19.

The President of the Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society, Sonja Licht, greeted all participants and stated that the fight for the equal position of the Roma community continues and will continue. She stressed that it is not easy to stay in the community and work for the community, but that without it there is no real progress, and no real satisfaction.

After the addresses of Stevan Gligorin and Sonja Licht, the selected facilitators were introduced to the methodology of the second phase of the ROMACTED program and expectations until the end of the program.

You can read more about the program HERE.

ROMACTED II is a joint program of the European Union and the Council of Europe, which is a continuation of the first phase of the ROMACTED program in the Western Balkans and Turkey (2017-2020)

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