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Program description

BFPE is starting a new project with the support of The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) that will focus on the work of Local Security Councils (LSC) in Serbia and its engagement in combating family violence

Project will be implemented at local level through advocacy activities based on comprehensive survey and evidence-based recommendations.

Gender-based violence is a global problem and Serbia is no exception. In the last decade, Serbia adopted several strategies and laws that enable legal basis for combating this type of violence. Dealing with the problem of gender-based violence falls under the jurisdiction of police, prosecutors’ office, courts, centers of social works, etc. The problem is that their work is not sufficiently coordinated. As gender-based violence is part of human security and inseparably linked to the security of a community, local Security Councils/LSCs offers the opportunity of address this problem in a more comprehensive and thus efficient way. LSCs should deal with security issues by identifying the most pressing ones and proposing solutions by mobilization of all relevant local stakeholders. Domestic violence is recognized as one of those pressing issues. Finally, women CSOs should be sufficiently recognized by the authorities as valuable partner in combating gender-based violence.

Project will be implemented on the whole territory of the Republic of Serbia and will include 174 local self-governments as a part of the comprehensive survey. Focus will be on showcasing the examples of good practices, but also to increase capacities on those local self-governments that have not established LSC or that have established, but have not been focusing on the problem of gender-based violence. Special attention will be on securing the participation of women civil society organizations in the work of LSCs and gender balance among the members of the LSCs.

Throughout duration of the project, BFPE will advocate the inclusion of the targeted problem in the work of selected LSC’s. Based on surveys, series of meetings and creation of the comprehensive publication, BFPE will strive to fulfill the project aim: To foster increased role of local security councils in combating domestic violence at local level.

In order to achieve the project goal, BFPE will establish cooperation with representatives of local self-governments, members of the established LSC’s, civil society organizations (with the focus on organizations that are dealing with the problem of gender violence and overall gender issues), but also local media. Media will become true watchdogs of LSCs’ dedication of fight against domestic violence.

Planned duration of the project is 6 months and project should be finalized in February of 2021.

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