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In Pristina, on May 14, 2024, the final conference titled “Empowered Women Empower Women” was convened, during which the results of research on women’s empowerment and their position in the labor market were presented.

Some key research findings indicate a lack of support for women in the labor market, highlighting the need for initiatives and programs promoting mentoring and networking among women in the workplace. The important role of organizations and employers in creating an environment conducive to support and equality in the workplace has been emphasized. Their policies and practices, particularly in preventing sexual harassment, discrimination, and promoting diversity and inclusion, significantly impact women’s experiences in the workplace.

Additionally, research has identified that balancing family and professional life, as well as advancing in one’s career, often requires women to make profound sacrifices and navigate systemic challenges. It is particularly emphasized that maternity leave underscores persistent inequalities, as women frequently prioritize childcare responsibilities over career advancement, while men utilize this time to progress in their careers. Furthermore, entrenched stereotypes serve as a significant barrier to women’s equal participation in the labor market.

The research findings were presented by Svetlana Stefanović, the executive director of the BFPE Foundation for a Responsible Society, who is also one of the authors of the research.

Partners in the project include the Institute for Democracy for Development, the Center for Research and Policy Creation, the Institute for Strategic Studies and Projections, the Gender Alliance for Development Center, and the BFPE Foundation for a Responsible Society.

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