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On October 8th, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence organized the panel discussion “Unlimited needs of people vis-a-vis limited resources of our planet” within the Mixer Festival. The participants in the panel were Nikola Bozic, program director of the Petnica Research Station, Dusan Stojakovic, manager for sustainable development and marketing of Hemofarm AD and Nada Lazic, coordinator of the informal Green Parliamentary Group and former MP. The panel was moderated by Lidija Radulovic, BFPE program coordinator.

The panelists spoke about the topic using experiences from their professional fields. Thus, Nikola Bozic considered the issues of sustainability from the point of view of education, and presented the sustainable practices that the Petnica Research Center implements in its work with its students. In addition, Bozic emphasized the importance of instilling the idea of sustainability in the consciousness of young people.

Dusan Stojakovic spoke about sustainability with a focus on the business sector, and especially referred to the business practices adopted by Hemofarm, which are in line with the principles of sustainability. While Nada Lazic presented the role of the state in the transition to sustainable development patterns. She concluded that such a transformation is not a priority for Serbia at the moment, and the main reason for that is the lack of political will.

The panel was organized as an additional activity within the project “Sustainable Development for All” supported by the governments of Switzerland and Germany, and implemented by GIZ. Project partners are BOS, BFPE, CEVES, Divac Foundation, FCD and TOC. The project “Sustainable Development for All” implies the establishment of a platform for public dialogue among the most important non-state actors in Serbia on the harmonization of development priorities of Serbia with the goals contained in the 2030 Agenda.

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