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From 19-27 November  European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) will be taking place, with the goal of actively promoting awareness raising on sustainable use of resources as well as waste management. Since 2009, this will be the 8th EWWR.

Over the years, this one-week campaign has focused on the need to alert and engage the general public, business sector and state administration of the need to reduce the amount of communal waste (2.5 billion tons being produced every year) in 27 EU member states.

Why is it important!

In 2013, every EU-28 resident left behind 156.9 kg of packaging waste. The amount ranged from 46.7 kg per capita in Croatia to 210.4 kg per capita in Germany.

Since waste management in Serbia is one of the key issues with which the informal Green Parliamentary Group so far has been concerned, its Secretariat supports this action and advocates for adoption of several key habits which can lead to reduction of waste:

  • choose for anything but plastic bag
  • avoid throwing food away
  • go for products in bigger packs – as they contain less plastic
  • use rechargeable batteries
  • limit the use of printer
  • donate old clothes
  • instead of buying, rather borrow tools
  • instead of throwing it away, rather fix the device in question

Useful info on how to adhere to the “3R” principle: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle one can find here.

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