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Working group on Chapter 15 – Energy of the National Convention on European Union (NKEU WG) took part in the national conference on contracting desired effects of energy use, taking place on Thursday, 22 September in Belgrade.

Bearing in mind the importance of understanding and promoting the concept of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), as well as creating a business model that is economically and technically sustainable in terms of investing in energy efficiency in public buildings and services in Serbia, WG 15 accepted the invitation of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) with great pleasure.

The conference was opened with a discussion on innovative models of financing energy efficiency projects in the public sector. Desired approach envisages contracting energy impacts by companies specialized for the provision of energy services. This is however still a challenge for local governments. The conference also showed that without the political will and the involvement of decision makers, primarily at the local level, it is not possible to carry out these projects. In addition to the experiences of municipalities, attention was given to the importance of energy efficiency and public-private partnerships.

Additional information can be found out at the Balkan Green Energy News portal, media partner of the event.

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