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BFPE organized first National seminars as part of its oldest political education program, the Annual Seminar. Twenty-five participants had the opportunity to participate in three days of debates and workshops that were organized in Zrenjanin from February 24 to 26.

The overarching theme of the seminar was the elements of the socio-economic development of Serbia that affect the state of democracy, the functioning of democratic mechanisms, as well as the promotion of democratic culture. Over the course of three days, participants had the opportunity to hear lectures on the topic of public opinion research and the attitudes of Serbian citizens towards the most current issues, such as the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and the future of Serbia’s European integration, then the importance of remittances and the payment system in Serbia. Attendees had the opportunity to receive new information and exchange opinions on the topic of Roma empowerment and the fight against anti-Roma sentiment as an important element of the development of our society and participate in a training dedicated to the concept of leadership. Also, lectures were held on the topic of the position of women in the labor market, and at the very end, the new participants had the opportunity to talk with the alumni of the Annual Seminar about the importance of political education and fostering a culture of dialogue.

BFPE organizes its oldest and most important political education program as part of the Council of Europe School of Political Studies network, with the support of the Council of Europe, the OSCE Mission in Serbia and the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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