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After completing a series of workshops on the topic of implementing local mechanisms for gender equality, with a focus on developing an Action Plan for gender equality in the municipality of Lučani, a Public Hearing on the topic “Women in Emergency Situations” was also held. This gathering brought together representatives of local government, civil society, and the private sector, all of whom face challenges when it comes to emergency situations.

These workshops and the public hearing were part of the project “Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy and Inclusive Political Dialogue” implemented by BFPE with the support of UNDP. The project’s goal, which BFPE has been diligently working on for the past three years, is to maintain and expand the space for political dialogue with decision-makers, support the transparency of decision-making processes, and promote the active engagement of politicians in the field of gender equality. Supporting the political empowerment of women is another critical area where progress has been made, but there is still room for elected assemblies to do much more.

The workshops were intended for councilors who actively participate in the development of the Action Plan for gender equality, as the new Gender Equality Act requires its formulation and the establishment of parliamentary bodies responsible for gender equality in the local community. During the workshops, participants gained practical knowledge and skills necessary for further work on the implementation of gender equality policy at the local level. They were also familiarized with and had the opportunity to discuss the legal mechanisms that must be applied within the legal deadline. There was also discussion about the use of existing mechanisms to increase the involvement of female councilors in matters of gender equality. All those present highly rated the quality of the workshops in the evaluation and expressed interest in continuing collaboration and additional training in this area.

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