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Sonja Licht, President and Founder of the Foundation BFPE, human rights activist, and sociologist, has been recognized as one of the 75 significant women in the 75-year history of the Council of Europe. This recognition pays tribute to her significant contribution to the promotion of democracy, human rights, and civil society in Europe, particularly in the Balkans.

Throughout her career, she has closely collaborated with various international organizations, including the United Nations, where she contributed to efforts aimed at advancing human rights and democratic governance. Her work has been instrumental in promoting the principles of the Council of Europe, especially in regions undergoing democratic transitions.

The recognition of Sonja Licht by the Council of Europe highlights her influence as a pioneer of women’s rights and her unwavering commitment to creating a fairer and more democratic society. Her inclusion among the 75 women in the 75 years of the Council of Europe underscores the important role women have played in shaping the history and future of Europe through their leadership and dedication to human rights.

The project ’75 Women in 75 Years of the History of the Council of Europe’ was organized in collaboration with the Council of Europe and the Permanent Representations of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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