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The project is focused on improving environmental management in local communities in Serbia, specifically in Smederevo and Zrenjanin by strengthening the role of civil society and citizens. It aims to achieve synergies with local and central institutions and other relevant actors to address key issues related to air pollution in these areas through widely supported recommendations and actions to change local policies and improve the functioning of existing systems.

The project is comprehensive as it connects environmental issues with public health and human security, and involves a larger number of stakeholders, which will contribute to a better quality of the final results.

The activities are divided into three groups, and consist of two campaigns: in Zrenjanin – to improve the air quality measurement system and in Smederevo – advocating the adoption of the Air Quality Plan and local debates on these two issues, which will be, apart from local actors, attended by experts in the field of public health and related areas, as well as various stakeholders from the national level.

The project will result in debates, recommendations and a broad media campaign, in the implementation of which a large number of citizens will be involved. Therefore, the final results of the project should facilitate the implementation of reforms in Zrenjanin and Smederevo, as well as a broader understanding of the importance of combating environmental degradation, and the connection of these issues with public health and its consequences, as well as starting a debate on human security issues. environment.

The project is funded by the Open Society Foundation Serbia, and the BFPE Foundation for Responsible Society is implementing it in cooperation with three other civil society organizations: ISAC Fund, Zrenjanin Action (ZRAK) and Pro.Tok 21.

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