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Women of the Balkans for New Politics

Program description

To promote the importance of political participation of women in creating more just and inclusive societies, based on full respect and protection of human rights, and securing peace and stability in Western Balkans

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Events in this program

Yearly, BFPE realizes more than fifty various events: conferences, round tables, panel discussions, consultancy, workshops and simulations.

Analysis and Publications

All our analysis in a single place: analysis; policy proposals; analytical reports from our events.

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Program description

BFPE, together with Initiative’s international advisory board headed by Ms Sonja Lokar attempted to select at least one politician and one CSO leader from each of the 8 societies, opinion-makers in their own right, whether their work has direct impact on normative and policy framework, or as activists make a good example of their personal work, inspiring activism in their respective societies.

The participants of the initial meeting held in September 2017 have agreed on “Joint Appeal for New Politics”, agreeing on a value and policy agenda that will serve as the basis for further national and regional action. Initiative members see stabilization and security of the Balkans region, as well as related reconciliation and peace building policies as prerequisites for any meaningful engagement. In 2018, their aim will be to focus on the position of young women, their perspectives, security and employability.

After the initial meeting in Budva and presentation at BSF 2017, total of 8 events were organized in 6 different Balkan societies, with 348 people participating in activities. Out of this number, 148 people participated in round tables, meetings and discussions, while around 200 people attended street actions. Thus, initial founding circle has been expanded with several hundred women from politics and CSOs lending their support to the Initiative.

Since its inception in September of 2017, OSCE Mission to Serbia, as well as the central ODIHR office in Warsaw has supported the Initiative. While the support of the OSCE Mission in Serbia and ODIHR continues throughout 2018, the local OSCE missions from societies included in the initiative have closely followed individual events of the Initiative in their respective societies, and are considering possibilities for supporting individual events and actions of the Initiative on the national level. Furthermore, Swiss Embassy in Belgrade has supported the further national dissemination of the Initiative ideas and widening of its network in the closing months of 2017. BFPE applied for support on Initiative’s behalf to the newly established Western Balkans Fund in December 2017.

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