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Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence in cooperation with the association Krokodil organized from 14 -16 March 2019 gathering of authors from Serbia and Kosovo under the title In the Neighborhood.

The event gathered twenty authors who spent two days together in Belgrade taking part in the readings of their texts, as well as round tables. The event took place in the Krokodil’s Center for Contemporary Literature.

The authors were reading their texts in their mother tongue – Serbian or Albanian and having in mind that all the texts were translated into both languages the audience were able to fully follow them.

The round tables were dedicated to the perception of contemporary literature in Serbia and Kosovo, as well as the question how do we see each other but also the questions how to improve culture and literature communication between Belgrade and Pristina and how to influence the enhancement of media reporting on both sides.

This event had the goal of contribution to establishment and keeping of stable relations between Serbia and Kosovo through professional ties, which go over the frame of daily politics such as literature and culture connections among the authors of younger and middle generation from Kosovo and Serbia, which are constantly endangered by common past, political situation, as well as huge language barrier.

The event was organized within the project “Changing Minds: Trust through Innovation” which Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence is implementing with the support of the EU Delegation in Serbia.

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