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Citizens protest in the streets against fences/walls being erected on Hungary/Serbia border. Photo REUTERS/Bernadette Szabo

BFPE joining International Centre for Democratic Transition in an initiative aimed at offering solutions for some of the issues generated by the migrant crisis; supported by the International Visegrad Fund

Main objective is to offer solutions for some of the problems caused by the migrant crisis, through a common platform, combining the minds of policy planers, decision makers and civil society representatives of the Central, Eastern Europe (CEE) and Western Balkans (WB).

Initiative envisages an offline event in Bratislava (the civil assembly meeting) and six online discussions (via podcast system); two for each of the three dimensions: (1) border-policing affairs and homeland security; (2) humanitarian and ethnical/religious affairs; (3) legal problems, questions, solutions, regional legal cooperation.

Finally, analysis referring to migration policies of all six WB countries will be prepared and disseminated as well.

Project is envisaged to end by 30 September 2017.

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