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The third and final consultations with civil society organizations on the UN Millennium Development Goals post-2015 were held yesterday in Belgrade.

Organized simultaneously with the United Nations Week, the theme of this conference was the relationship between culture, sustainable cities and urbanization; and – the environment and climate change. Location was selected in the spirit of the meeting: the “Nebojsa” tower, as one of the most interesting parts of the Belgrade fortress.

Our guests at the conference were addressed by Irena Vojačkova Solorano, permanent coordinator of the United Nations in Serbia, Sonja Licht, President of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, while a special insight into the topic of the role of civil society in the planning of urban development was provided by Professor Ksenija Petovar.


What was stressed as important by civil society representatives?

  • That greater citizen participation is necessary in the process of creating public policies, urbanism in particular;
  • That greater efforts are needed in establishing a value system;
  • Because the culture is important to build a system of values ​​- it must be responsible;
  • That the role of the media is of great importance;
  • As the mobilization of citizens is very important and should be run at the local level;
  • That international rules and institutions can assist in exercising the rights and obligations of the state to citizens;
  • It is necessary to regulate and institutionalize voluntary self-organization of citizens on matters of common interest.


Serbia has been selected as one of the countries where consultations on culture and development are conducted since the first stage of consultations, which lasted from 2012 to 2013, showed that citizens of Serbia see culture as an important driver of development. United Nations in Serbia conducted consultations in cooperation with SeConS and the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence. For more information visit

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