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BSF keynote address:

Belgrade Security Forum managed to create a unique venue of dialogue through the last 11 years, which is a rare occurrence in a society where the common good is not a priority. The future of the Western Balkans is in the EU with the US as a partner.

BSF panel 2: Supporting Western Balkans – overcoming obstacles to European integration: 

Only 1/3 of the public in the Western Balkans believe that the region will be a part of the EU and that this number is falling every year. So there is no surprise that frustration is present, even though the politicians often emphasize the European perspective.

BSF address: an EU resilient to crises: 

The future of the region is in the European Union and the EU will not be complete without Western Balkans countries.

BSF panel 3: 15 years of Serbia’s participation in Partnership for Peace: 

NATO should perceive Serbia as a reliable and responsible partner because Serbia has shown solidarity many times.

BSF panel 4: Western Balkans perspectives on the Future of Europe: 

Including the voice of youth in a discussion about the future of Europe is the most important thing, as their interests are directly affected by this process.

BSF panel 8: The role of Roma in the EU recovery: 

The only way to really show solidarity towards Roma is to enable them access to the employment market. A stereotype that Roma people don’t want to work needs to be abolished.

BSF Panel 10: Region to region cooperation – Opportunities for Central and South-Eastern Europe

Cooperation between regions is even more important in nowadays world which is subordinated to the process of globalization. Regional economic cooperation is not a zero-sum game as it brings much-added value.

BSF Panel 11: China and Serbia – Strategic investment?

There is no inherently bad investment, but that the domestic agents are the ones responsible to prevent potentially There is no inherently bad investment, domestic agents are the ones responsible to prevent potentially harmful influences through the implementation of national normative frameworks. The question is what types of investments and business culture do you want to promote.

BSF closing event – How the world is changing:

Maybe we should get rid of the concept of “the West”, and the countries that should work together are the ones that are firmly based on the platform that respects human rights and international law. Germany also needs to expand on its current role.

More detailed messages from any panel you can read on the official Belgrade Security Forum website.

Photo credits: Nikola Ilić / BSF

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