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This winter, BFPE is taking part in a regional project, launched in order to map reconciliation initiatives in Western Balkans.

Goal of this research is to first choose and then map 30 representative activities stemming from citizen, governmental or non-governmental initiatives which were or still are focusing on local, cross-border and regional reconciliation and to explain – through case studies – the ones that worked the best. Results of this research will be published in the form of a UNDP report with examples hopefully used in other post-conflict regions as models for successful reconciliation.

Implemented under UN guidelines and with UNDP support, partners in the mapping process include:

  • Documenta (HR)
  • Centre for Intercultural Studies and Research (MK)
  • Institute for Democracy and Mediation (AL)
  • Civic Alliance (CG)

Photo: “Hands across the divide” in Derry, Northern Ireland.

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