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We witness the coronavirus pandemic (COVID19) representing a great danger everywhere in the world and the health systems increasingly burdened with the number of infected patients. The pandemic has shown that the spread of the disease goes beyond borders, national and ethnic origin or religion of the affected, and can only be combatted through joint action, cooperation and solidarity. Cooperation is necessary primarily for the sake of humanity and responsibility for human lives in these difficult times.

The Working Group for the Chapter 35 of the National Convention on the European Union calls on the competent authorities of Serbia and Kosovo to establish direct and efficient cooperation in combating the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

With this goal, the Working Group for the Chapter 35 calls for the establishment of communication channels between crisis committees to combat coronavirus in Serbia and Kosovo, which would allow the exchange of information on the scale of the pandemic on a daily basis. We also urge the competent authorities to establish procedures for cooperation between medical facilities and medical teams, as well as procedures for mutual assistance in the hospital treatment of patients infected with coronavirus. In addition, we emphasize the need to regulate the regime of movement through integrated administrative crossings during the pandemic so as to allow the free movement of ambulances and medical teams. It is also necessary to allow the passing of consumer goods, in particular food, medicines, medical supplies, disinfectants and other necessities for a normal life.

Finally, the Working Group on Chapter 35 wishes to emphasize that a joint approach and active cooperation in combating coronavirus pandemic in Serbia and Kosovo can make a significant contribution to the reconciliation of the two societies, and this opportunity should certainly not be missed.

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