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On Friday, 10 June, the Executive Board (EB) of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE) held its annual meeting in Belgrade. Chaired by Ms. Nadja Cuk as President, the EB discussed the results, as well as priorities for organization in the next two years. With this goal in mind, members of the EB discussed BFPE’s “Program Statement”, outlining five key areas (and policies) to be in the focus of organization’s engagement:

  1. Advanced political education

  2. Promoting and networking of opinion leaders

  3. Mixed migrations

  4. Political and social inclusion of the vulnerable groups

  5. Facing the future

Download BFPE’s Program Statement 2016-2018

Members of the EB – Prof. Marijana Pajvancic, Srdjan Majstorovic and Prof. Isztvan Gyarmati, with interventions made by others as well – suggested several policies where BFPE could contribute more concretely.

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