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The fourth edition of premiere security conference in Western Balkans was closed by the representatives of the three organizing partners: Ms. Sonja Licht of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, Ms. Maja Bobić from the European Movement in Serbia, and Ms. Sonja Stojanović Gajić in front of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy. Three ladies thanked this year’s speakers, participants and donors, without which the Forum wouldn’t be one step closer to a small jubilee of 5 years.

One common theme of many discussions in this year’s event was that the “European model” – and international norms based on it – is facing a serious challenge, posed by actors both outside and within the EU. In consequence, these international norms need to be re-conceptualized and re-practiced.

EU enlargement is the policy that best demonstrates European values in practice and therefore it is important to revive it with new commitment of enlargement to the Western Balkans. At the same time, when EU is facing the challenges mentioned above, Western Balkan states need to take the initiative and contribute to debates over a new European project. Belgrade Security Forum is one of examples of such initiative by three civil society organizations: Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, European Movement in Serbia, and the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy.

Forum organizers have called upon Serbia to play a leading role in debates that matter to Europe during its upcoming OSCE chairmanship. Serbia should contribute to finding solutions for crisis in Ukraine by engaging both the EU and Russia. “We expect Serbian authorities to demonstrate partnership approach by relying on support provided in subsequent chairmanships: Swiss that preceded us in 2014 and Germany that will take over in 2016″, Ms. Sonja Stojanović Gajić concluded.

On BSF’s web site you can access reports from each of the BSF panels and side-events, as well as browse through multimedia (photo and video).

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