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First consultations with civil society organisations held in Serbia

Today in Novi Sad first in the series of consultations – dedicated to the deliberation of UN Millennium Development Goals post-2015 – with civil society organizations of Serbia were held. In particular, this meeting dealt with the issues of culture, gender equality and social inclusion.

As the meeting coincided with the International Day of Older Persons this provided another important issue to the agenda.

Vesna Šijački, Director of the Gender Equality Institution of Vojvodina and Marija Raković, Coordinator of the Program for Serbia of the UN Population Fund addressed the participants.

In the course of discussion, opinions were exchanged on specific aspects of interplay between culture, gender equality and social inclusion, such as: importance of culture for economic empowerment of women; role of education in de-constructing gender stereotypes; importance of culture in forming values of the youth; improving culture policies; strengthening minority communities (Roma in particular); role of older persons in society; etc.

88% of round table participants feel that women and men are not equal in Serbia @UNDPSerbia@Secons

Throughout the discussion, the importance of the culture of dialogue, the need to work on attitudes, values and building of solidarity, the necessity to start addressing equality in practical terms, and begin implementing good practices in local communities were continuously addressed. Culture and art were viewed as instruments for developing critical thinking, first step in accepting diversity.

Culture is one of rare instruments that can reaffirm solidarity within a society – with small artistic interventions @UNDPSerbia @Sekons

Consultations will be also held in Nis and Belgrade.

Here is the report prepared by RTV Vojvodina, in Hungarian language:

A kultúra szerepe mindennapjainkban

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